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A lipstick guide: The Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Searching for the perfect lipstick can be a task in itself, with so many brands and shades to choose from, many women find themselves overwhelmed by the selection but underwhelmed by the result. So how do you find the perfect lipstick? Lets talk about it!

1. Understanding your needs

First things first, establish your end goal. Are you in need of long lasting lipstick that stays on all day, lasting through multiple coffee breaks? Or maybe your after a lipstick that provides both hydration and moisture with a satin finish. Some of you may be looking for the perfect glossy glam lip, which you do not mind reapplying throughout the day or night.

Most women's needs can be categorised by one of the following:

1) A super matte lipstick long lasting lipstick for all day wear

2) A lipstick or balm that provides great moisture and hydration for dry lips

3) A glossy lip for a more glamorous look

4) A satin or creamy lip for medium coverage with a sheen finish.

2. Understanding what suits you

You now understand what type of lipstick you are looking for bringing you that much closer to finding the perfect lipstick. Picture this, you are in store, searching though every liquid matte lipstick in sight, you are shopping in the right section and there are plenty of lipstick shades to choose from, but unfortunately the chances that they are all suited to you are not as high as you thought. Being a cosmetics brand that prides itself on creating lipstick for women of colour, one of our keys tips is to shop shades that are not only suited to you but truly complement your skin tone. A lipstick advertised as the perfect nude may not be a nude on you, and a bold shade may not appear bold on you. So how do you find the perfect bold lip or perfect nude for your skin tone? Swatch, swatch and swatch again!

3. Swatch, swatch and swatch again!

You’ve stumbled across a liquid matte lipstick that appears to be a beautiful nude, exactly what your looking for. Are you buying it? Not yet your not! First things first swatch the lipstick onto your hand, this is the initial indication as to whether the lipstick shade will suit you. If you believe you are still onto a winner, the second stage is to try it on. Even though hand swatching proves a good indicator of pigment and coverage, it is important to take into account that the colour of your hand or wrist never match the pigment of your lips, especially for hyper pigmented lips which mainly women of colour experience. By applying the lipstick directly to your lips you are able to identify whether or not the product it is a true match.

Does the nude you initially selected appear washed out once applied to your lips? Does the bright bold lip appear a lot duller than it does in the tube or on your hand? The pigmentation of your lips are a major factor which you should alway bear in mind.

Some lipsticks may require more than one swatch to achieve the desired look which is why we advice you to swatch again!

4. Turn to the beauty community!

This final step is essential for online shoppers who do not get to see and feel the product. There are plenty of reviews and tutorials online that can help you decide on which lipstick is best for you. Beauty bloggers and reviewers can give you the true run down on all things lipstick, whether it be the pigment, quality and staying power or the packaging. One thing we would also strongly recommend is to turn to reviewers with a skin colour that resembles you! They will provide the truest representation of how the product will look on you eliminating the hassle of ordering and returning products that are not to your standard or not suited to you at all.


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