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Lipstick for women of colour, our story.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Being young black women in the UK, searching for the perfect lipstick on a budget, was often daunting. We constantly felt misled by advertisements and disappointed by the lack of products suited to us. We never felt that we could shop a lipstick product based on face value, as the very lipstick that would draw us in would appear drastically different once applied to our lips. This we would put down to having darker skin or naturally darker pigmented lips. We remember sharing a vibrant red lipstick with one another and being surprised by how different the shade appeared on both of us individually, especially as our skin tones are not far off from one another. The lipstick appeared vibrant and bright on one, but deeper and slightly duller on the other. In this moment we realised that the pigmentation of our lips effected the overall appearance and had always been a key underlying factor as to why ourselves and other women of colour would struggle to find the perfect lipstick.

The transition of lipstick for women of colour is simply not the same, especially for those who have hyper-pigmented lips, as products will always differ once applied. This inspired the creation of Lipbay; a brand that women of colour can shop at face value with pigments that do not diminish or alter when applied onto the lips. We understand the struggle in finding a lipstick that provides both coverage and compatibility. The focus point of our brand is to deliver products that not only cater to women of colour but truly enhances their beauty.

Our liquid matte lipsticks take on a more natural underlying tone to each and every shade without compromising coverage. Our red and deep purple shades are our statement pieces, rich in pigment with the perfect density and coverage bold enough to stand out and cover any hyper pigmentation whilst still complementing your skin tone.


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